Mini Laser Engraver Assembly & Review / Eleks / Benbox

Savvas Papasavva

In this video I am going to assemble an Eleks Maker 2500mw A5 Mini Laser Engraving Machine which was sent to me from GearBest.

Ahh these are cute.

“Please don’t the eye! When using must wear goggles!”

Ok so I’m going to assemble this mini laser engraver and er, there’s no instruction in the actual packaging. In any case I did a bit of research and found two videos online. One sounded like it was in Portugese and another one which had really bad music on it. And based on those two I think I can sorta work out what to do.

The pieces are quite thick. They look about 8mm. They have also been cut on a laser cutter. And they have a protective coating on them, in the form of this brown paper which actually looks quite nice. I’m guessing these are the sides, the gantry, this is…

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